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Mentoring You

How to become a Rock Star VA

If you think that you want to take the leap and become a Virtual Assistant, or you are just starting out and you need some support and guidance. Then this is for you!

We will support, encourage and guide you through the 6-week program, to give you the knowledge you need to run a successful Virtual Assistant business.


What We Cover


All About You & The Industry

Weeks 1 & 2

Understanding You. What your vision is and being clear about the skills you have. We look at the experience required to be a VA and what you might offer your clients.

What is a VA? What do they do and how does it all work?An overview of the industry and why we think it's the BEST!

The Practical Stuff

Week 3

What technical skills you need and currently have.
The knowledge and mindset to work virtually to get you started!

Clients - Getting Prepared

Week 4

Preparation. What barriers you might face when setting up. Demanding clients, time restrictions due to wishing to start part time. 
What type of client you would want to work with?

Finances - Knowing your numbers

Week 5

How do you make the transition from employed to self employed?
What do you need to earn?
How to use other VA's as associates. What you should be charging and invoicing processes.

Marketing - Getting it Right

Week 6

Your brand, website and social media. How to make it all work and finding the best platform for you.
Networking and how to build relationships. Consistency is King.


Well Done - You Did It

You now have the skills to set you on your way to becoming a Rockstar VA!