HR Services

Empowering businesses & the people who drive them

HR support ensures staff are the right fit for the business, recognising, rewarding and prioritising them and their happiness.

HR support will enable you to maintain best practices and standards in employment law, administration, policies, training and more.

Managing & increasing employee performance with HR support

Our HR services, we will enable employees to reach their maximum success. We’ll help businesses build systems that allow them to monitor performance issues.

Improved communication

Modern HR consultancy treats every employee individually and focuses on their training and development. We are a Breathe HR partner, which helps us plan, store, track, log, and manage all essential HR-related communications.

Always compliant

We work with clients to build effective policies and procedures with company handbooks, so employees know what they need to know in an easy to follow manner and businesses follow all the mandatory regulations.

HR professionals
focused on people

As external HR consultants, we are impartial to your business. We want the best for you and your employees. 

Reduced cost

Outsourced HR is ideal for small business that wish to avoid expensive HR systems, those who don’t want to pay full-time HR staff, and business with small teams that don’t recruit often.

Always Flexible

We can work with businesses with a team of 1 to 100 as and when we’re needed. Flexibility allows you to grow your business in new and exciting ways.

Guaranteed Expertise

As HR professionals, we can offer you industry experience and expertise. You can rely on us to continually professionally develop to maintain up to date and high-quality HR support.

I got in touch with Katie after seeing she’d been recommended by various other businesses I knew of, and asked whether she could review and update some of our HR templates. Katie responded quickly, was friendly and helpful, and went above and beyond to help us for a very reasonable price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie and her colleagues to any business needing support like this, and suspect the other VA services her business offers are of equally good value!

Dominic Tyler

Junari Ltd

Easily outsourced HR support

HR administration

Creating handbooks, and maintain employee records, employment contracts, recruitment guidelines and renew company policies and legal compliance.

Recruitment & selection

Sourcing, screen, shortlist and select suitable candidates who meet the employer’s strategic goals and objectives.


Identifying staff training requirements, recommend programs, and career development needs, supervise staff training, plan training seminars, team building, and employee skill evaluations.

Employee relations

Helping businesses to maintain happy and constructive employee relations, thus loyal and engaged staff.

Employee absence management

Communicating to all employees about work attendance and absence policies.  We take a proactive approach.  

Mentoring & coaching

Aiming to boost performance, productivity and happiness for all levels of staff. 

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

  • It helps businesses find and keep talented, resourceful and productive staff members.
  • Focus on a culture that promotes performance and effectiveness.
  • Align communication, technology, rewards, roles and structures.
  • Helping staff with organisational changes
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Access to improved HR IT systems
  • Access to HR expertise not available internally
  • Increased flexibility and quicker response times

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