Communication management

Rebuilding processes & implementing structure

Produce more for the same amount of work since we help you automate. 

Fewer mistakes, clearer choices and easy ways to move forward. 

Viewing your business
through fresh eyes

We provide unbiased opinions, fresh perspectives and have access to a network of resources to help you find better, more efficient ways of running your business.

Looking at the whole picture holistically

Starting from the beginning, we will find out what is and isn’t working. We aim to put systems and processes in place which require little management. 

Independent advice & consulting

Providing expert opinions, recommendations and analyses based on our own experience of helping to put structures and automation into practice.

Managing projects
more efficiently

We encourage innovative, logical and sustainable improvements and understand change can feel complicated.


We’ll assign, delegate and co-ordinate so you and your team are on the same page. 


We’ll take the time time to identify and manage any problems during the setup stage.


We’ll put a plan into action, prepare the infrastructure and monitor the solution.

Sorting & setting up
Cloud based filing

It’s too easy to save files and forget where they went.  It’s even easier not to have any files and misplace important information.  Either way, you’re losing time. 

We will organise your information into easy accessible cloud-based filing systems where they’ll safely stay until you need them.

I am so fortunate to have found Katie. She has supported with business administration and systems development for my clients. Katie is extremely professional and I have been very impressed with her flexibility and ability to pick up work at short notice. I look forward to building our relationship even further. Thank you!

Lydia Boyden

Encouraging business agility through apps

Click Up

Organise tasks, track changes and manage teams—ClickUp syncs with Google calendars, Outlook and Apple.


A free toll primarily used as a communication channel for teams. It functions well on mobile and easily allows group discussions and integrates with Asana.


Airtable is a spreadsheet and database hybrid. It’s used for task management, project planning, tracking inventory and more. 

Dropbox & Google Docs

Businesses can store, share and edit files in one place using online cloud storage. It’s available both as a desktop and mobile app. 


The easy to use drag and drop system allows teams to plan projects effortlessly in real time using shared planning, checklists and comments. 


Draft, review, auto and bulk schedule, access analytics and collaborate with your team.  Businesses using Publr will always have content on their social networks. 

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

It keeps you and your team in the loop to allow you to stay on top of client and project management at all times. – It allows you to store everything that needs to be done in one places, work out priorities and keep track of progress so you never miss a beat!

It’s important to remember you know your business best, and we know the best processes and technologies to improve efficiency and aid communications. We like to see this process as a collaborative one, and so to get the best out of our working relationship, all parties involved will need to be forthcoming and transparent. Initially, you will be responsible for communicating what’s working and what’s not, and then we’ll be able to assist with creating a communications plan.

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